Health Care: Basic First Aid Supplies are available from the camp director. Burnamwood staff will administer no medical services, and insurance coverage is the responsibility of each group. Burnamwood and Transylvania Presbytery accept no responsibility for accidents that may occur during your group’s stay. If for any reason you require Emergency Room care, the Marcum and Wallace Memorial Hospital is located on KY-89 in Irvine.

Table and Chairs:
Burnamwood can provide tables and chairs at no extra charge. We have a
variety of rectangular and round tables for use. We will make sure that all of the tables and chairs you request are in the building, given prior notice  to the event.

Decorations: Decorations are welcome for your event. However, please do not attach through nails, screws, or hooks. Damage fees may be assessed for violations.

Equipment, Furniture, Camp Supplies: We seek to provide a convenient and happy stay for visitors and groups are welcome to use the supplies that are located in the building that they have rented. (For instance, groups who have rented Mount Lodge are welcome to use the utensils in Mount Lodge.) However, if any supplies are found to be missing or broken upon leaving an invoice will be sent for the broken items.

Parking: Parking is available in front of Burnam Lodge, Mount Lodge, the Main Pavilion, and the Pool/Pool Pavilion. Please do not park in the field in front of the Dining Hall.

Smoking: Smoking is prohibited inside any building on the grounds.

Alcohol and Drugs: The use of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs on the grounds or in buildings at Burnamwood is prohibited.

Fireworks/Firearms: Possession of fireworks or firearms on camp property is prohibited.

Pets: For the health and safety of all guests, pets are not permitted on the grounds.

Damages: The camp will be surveyed upon your departure and any lost items or damages to the facilities, grounds, and/or equipment, fees may be assessed to repair or replace as needed.

Reservation Procedure
A request to make a reservation for the use of Burnamwood should be made either by phone or e-mail. Upon confirmation of a written or verbal request, a rental form will be sent. Groups have two weeks to return the rental form and $50 deposit.

Requests for the use of facilities can be made through the Burnamwood office by calling 859-494-9113. Reservation will be accepted up to one year in advance.

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