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Small Camp. Big Fun. Huge Memories.

By providing a positive and energetic 500-acre environment in Central Appalachia,we are dedicated to aid in the spiritual development of children, youth, and adults. Burnamwood hosts a full summer of life-changing activities through summer camps and the Burnamwood Appalachian Ministry. During the non-summer months, Burnamwood offers the same experiences, but through weekend retreats and and rental opportunities. Whether you're able to join us for a weekend, week, or a day, we look forward to the next opportunity we have to welcome you back home to Burnamwood.

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June 2015

10th – 12th: Counselor-In-Training Retreat

15th – 19th: Middle School Conference

22nd – 27th: High School Conference

28 – July 3: Available for Private Rental

July 2015

6th – 10th: 3rd – 5th Grade Conference

13th – 17th:8th – 12th Grade Night Owl Camp

20th – 22nd: 1st & 2nd Grade Mini Camp

20th – 22nd: 6th – 11th Grade Faith Hunter Camp

27th – 31st: 3rd – 6th Grade MADD Camp

August 2015

9th: Burnamwood at the Ballpark Fund Raiser

14th – 16th: Adam’s Family Retreat

September 2015

4th – 6th: Meadowthorpe Presbyterian Retreat

11th – 13th: Heroic Interactive Theater of KY Event

25th – 27th: 3rd – 5th Grade Retreat

27th: Horn – Marcum Wedding

October 2015

2nd – 4th: Middle School Retreat

9th – 11th: Pax Christi Congregation Retreat

11th – 16th: Muncie IN Adult BAM Group

17th: Presbyterian Women’s Fall Gathering

16th – 18th: High School Retreat

22nd – 23rd: Estill County Middle School Event

November 2015

6th – 8th: Immanuel UCC Congregation Retreat

13th – 15th: Heroic Interactive Theater of KY Event

14th: Annual Campfire & Starlight Gala at Carrick House in Lexington

December 2015

11th – 13th: Heroic Interactive Theater of KY Event

The Burnamwood Mission

Burnamwood shares God’s awesome setting where all people in all seasons forge connections with God, learn about themselves, build relationships, and serve others.

Mailing Address

PO Box 23580

Lexington, Kentucky 40523

Physical Address

900 Camp Burnamwood Road

Irvine, Kentucky 40336

Phone Numbers


859.494.9113 (mobile)



At Burnamwood, we celebrate creation, nurture faith, and build community. Located in Irvine, Kentucky, we are just an hour away from Lexington and 25 minutes from the Red River Gorge.

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2015 is full of fun! Weekend Retreats! BAM! Open House! Summer Camps! Private Tours! Whatever you like about the great outdoors- Burnamwood is here to serve you!

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We love Burnamwood volunteers! Whether they are helping us maintain our facilities and and grounds or serving our programs they are amazing and make a real, positive contribution to this ministry.

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Your donation is vital to the day-to-day operations of Burnamwood. Please choose to support our campers, preserve our environment, and contribute to our ministry by giving today!

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