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Burnamwood Camp Song


D                                           G
Burnamwood, Burnamwood
G                                  A
I can hear you calling me
G                                              A
The love and the joy and the friends I’ll see
G                               A                                D
Are calling me back home to Burnamwood.


The Lord woke up one morning
And said, “I want to build a place
G                                                 D
Where the young and the old and the in-between
G                            A
Can meet me face to face.”
So he labored all that morning,

And when he finished it was good.
G                         D
And he laid it in Kentucky
G               A                  D
And he called it “Burnamwood.”



It’s a place to be with others
It’s a place to be yourself
Everyone belongs here,
There’s no sitting on the shelf.
It’s a place of many seasons,
It’s a place of many years,
And when you least expect it,
That’s when the Lord appears!


Verse 3

So come with me my brothers,
Come and share the fun!
Come with my my sisters
Come on everyone.
I will make a place for you
If you’ll make a place for me
And we can grow together
That’s the way it’s meant to be.