2016 Burnamwood Appalachian Ministry

Cost for 2016:
$300 per person for all congregations in the Transylvania Presbytery   (daily rate: $60 per day)
$325 per person for all congregations outside of the Transylvania Presbytery (daily rate: $65 per day)

Can’t make our summer program, NO WORRIES, beginning in 2016 we are offering Fall and Spring opportunities. These can be for a full week just like our summer program or only for 2 – 3 days. The Registration process is the same for either option. Any questions can be addressed by contacting us at 859-494-9113 or info@burnamwood.net.

To register your mission trip group, please follow the below steps:


  1. Confirm that dates you are interested in are available by calling Burnamwood Staff at 859.494.9113 or info@burnamwood.net
  2. When you have your verified your interested dates are available, complete the BAM Group Registration Form and email it to info@burnamwood.net or mail it to PO Box 23580, Lexington, Kentucky 40523.
  3. Send in your deposit ($50/participant) to PO Box 23580, Lexington, Kentucky 40523 along with your Group Registration Form to officially confirm your dates. This is really important because we may have groups on a wait-list!


  1. Once you’ve completed the Group Registration Form and sent in your deposit (yay you!), you can download the information packet which includes, BAM Individual Registration forms, and BAM Background Check ReleaseThe information packet and Individual Registration forms are to disperse to the attendees of your group. The BAM Background Check Release is for your group to complete. We are dedicating to keep all of the children at our camp safe and we appreciate your help!

  2. If you need additional said information packet, do not fret! You can download a copy from the link below at any time. You will also be sent an invoice for your remaining balance.
  3. Read over the information as soon as you can and see if you have any questions as group leader.
  4. Check-in to see if anyone from you group has questions.
  5. Whatever questions you have, please ask!
  6. Disperse the BAM Individual Registration forms to all of your attendees. These are really important because they help BAM staff pair your group with their project(s).


  1. Please return all Individual Registration forms and your remaining group’s balance no later than the first week of May.


BAM Group Registration

BAM Individual Registration

BAM Background Check Release


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